We Inspiring Education. Bringing Excellence. Are Alitaz Edu360 A New Era of Advanced Advanced Engineering Programs Education Options Learn Now Robotics and Automation Law and Management Integrated Nursing and Medical Data Science and Analytics Choose 8 years of Education Guidance Expertise Effectively Know Us 10,000+ Satisfied students More than 80 Successful Seminars and Events Rated as Eastern India’s 1 of the most trusted Education
Course & College Selection

Be it Medical, Management, Engineering or any other career courses. We are resourced all over India with the Top affiliated Colleges & Universities providing diversified courses.

All Admission Related Options Solved Under One Roof

We are a HUB to all your Education related solutions, the journey from “Filling up form” to your “First day in Campus” & Assistance afterwards.

Initial Consultation

A good beginning with correct guidance leads to a successful outcome. We are always at service in your Education Journey

Application and Entrance Exam Support

A hurdle of examination waves you at times fail to swim across. With our correct & responsive guidance you will be able to not only swim but also win in your toughest challenges.

Proper Guidance & Counseling

A correct guidance & responsive counselling can do wonders for your career. Being a team of professional & learned counsellors, we cater to your upfront queries.

Eligibility Checklist

Your eligibility determines your worth, your worth determines your value. A valuable eligibility criterion will always result in your admission at your dream College/University.

Selection & Admission

Your selection is the first step which guarantees an admission in a respectable institute & chalks out a pathway to your dream career. We at Alitaz are a continuous presence in your pathway.


The best Portfolio

Our team of professional experts with ample experience in Education domain supports students to achieve their place in reputed colleges & universities in India. We at Alitaz maintain a high standard of professionalism with performance & quality service rendered to establish exemplary excellence in education & work together with prospective students, colleges, universities & associate institutions.

10,000+ Satisfied Students

Students feel fully satisfied with both pre-admission & post admission services

Consistent since 2012

Years of Expertise & Experience in Education Guidance

Expertise in Career awareness Programs

Suitable Seminars & events for creating Student Awareness

Students we Guided have Excelled in their Career

Why Alitaz?

Counselling, Establishing, Supporting, Sustaining

Identify Your Skill

Skills have no limitations; Limitations needs to be overcome. We might be Good in most things, Better in few more but Best at certain something. Identify your Best ones.

Suggesting Suitable Course for your Best Skill

Identified your Best Skills, now consider the One your Most Passionate about & Perform Exceptionally in your Academics.

Assistance into choosing Best Institution as per the Course

The Best course according to your Best Skill will be smooth cakewalk when your get Admitted in the best Institution.

Assistance in Application & Admission Process

Your fully prepared into taking the final leap of application process & admission.

Personal Assessment

Professional Guidance / Counselling

Responsibility in Admission Process

Financial Assistance


Our Achievements

A Subtle Action is Better than Numerous Words

One of the highest rated Expertise in field of Education. Our Achievements & Accolades from wide & various sources showcase our true Potential.







University Approved

Our Students Excel in another level due to our self systematic educational training

Richard Anderson

Exclusive Support

Discuss with the tutee the amount of time necessary to complete each part of their task.

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Practical Examples

Our Students Excel in another level due to our self systematic educational training

John Doe

Interactive Learning

Discuss with the tutee the amount of time necessary to complete each part of their task.

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