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    About Alitaz Edu360

    We at Alitaz maintain a high standard of professionalism with performance & quality service rendered to establish exemplary excellence in education & work together with prospective students, colleges, universities & associate institutions.
    Adapting yourself with viable changes with your best skills can bring about a positive outlook both internally & externally. Love to write maybe you want to pursue journalism, love to direct maybe you’re into media career, have a hook into machines maybe your into engineering & the list in endless.
    Students are our prime strengths & their success is our only agenda. We at Alitaz Edu360, cater to being a strong pillar of support to establish the overall formative career structure & motivate students to leap all hurdles & excel in their future career.
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    Alitaz Edu360 Features

    Personal Assessment

    An all throughout service is provided with correct assistance & follow ups. Personally, helping everyone is choosing the right career path.

    Responsive Guidance

    Essential motivation, correct framework of career guidance with the availability of keeping a check on the candidate throughout.

    Professional Experts

    Our team of professionals with their experience & knowledge in education domain will make them the correct guide to any candidate seeking out for assistance in education & related queries.

    Dynamic Changes

    Change being the constant in the education journey, our team understands its value & adapts to the changes to make it easily accustomed to any candidate & their queries


    We at Alitaz Edu360, takes responsive & correct leap measures to sustain in the Education domain sector & set valuable examples with qualitative service & positive outcomes both to students & education institutions.


    We at Alitaz Edu360 strive forward to successfully place students in higher education keeping their best interest intact. Promoting the overall skill development & enhancing student all rounder skill to create a successful pathway for them. Providing effortless & distinctive quality service with continuous improvement outlook.

    How Alitaz Edu360 helps you?

    Choose your Dream

    Fix an appointment with an expert & be clear of future goals.

    Become a Graduate

    Submit your basic information & clear your education & career related doubts.

    How it works?

    Discuss with our experts & get corrective counselling regarding career & institution choice.

    Student Resources

    Get to know about the Do’s & Don’ts while pursuing your career decision.

    Alitaz Edu360 FAQs

    What is the acclamation of Alitaz Edu360 that it will help?
    With the presence of experienced professionals’ counselors who are empathetic & confident in their approach with students on multiple levels & put forward the best options available.
    Who can be benefitted from career guidance?
    Entering into secondary education is a critical point in your life, which will actually reflect what you aspire to become in the long journey in coming years. Students are confused and land up making a wrong decision. Having your basics clear from the start allows you to become familiar with the future concepts. Subject knowledge in class growing classes & at right point of life is a foundation stone to your study at a higher level.
    What are the key elements to keep in mind before fixing an appointment with a Career Guidance Expert?
    A qualified career counsellor who has expertise in knowledge with a presence of secure environment for interaction. A mutual agreement of trust & confidence which forms the prime pillars of a starting career. The process of modern age career guidance with reference of dynamic education changes all around. The added benefit of home counselling keeping a transparent interaction of both students & parents viewpoint helps establish a formative career throughout
    What is career Guidance?
    Correct & motivational guidance helps to attain knowledge, skills, information & experience to identify justifiable career options available for you. The objectives of an advisor are to help you achieve great heights both professionally & socially. Living in an era of numerous career options, it is somewhat reasonable to get confused. We all aspire to be successful, but don’t know how to make the right decision, at the right time. Having a concrete career guidance can make a lot of difference.
    Why is Career Guidance important for you?
    Choosing a career which matches your skill & interest is exactly what individuals seek for. The realization of whether a correct decision is made or not, comes with experience & time. At an age when peer pressure is the biggest influencer, moreover, family traditions fall on a student more like a burden than a responsibility. If you feel stuck in similar situations, then career guidance should be your antidote to give yourself a correct career cure.