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    Unpaid Services

    Services rendered with value helps in accumulating a long-term goal or worthiness. Our services are focused on the primitive goal of making the career goal & its associate journey of less hurdles & more achievements.
    Alitaz Edu360, with its association with education provides assistance & guidance to students of all groups. We work for the best outcome for both our prospective students & our associated colleges & universities. Our team of professionals with vast practical knowledge & real time experience supports students to choose the best career path in being a strong pillar of guidance & assistance all throughout the journey.

    Unpaid Service Benefits

    Most Awarded & Creative in Discipline

    Identifying values
    & skills

    It’s important to update yourself & understand where your true skill lies & a discussion with Alitaz Edu360 will give you a correct path.

    Conducting Aptitudes to know Interest

    With our correct guidance & responsive checks any hurdle will be an easy leap for students who want to take up competitive examinations & establish their career.

    Suggesting Do’s
    & Don’ts

    Every action has a trial & error. A corrective measure with strong guidance will help students to prosper & outline the correct & the incorrect steps to build a wholesome journey.

    Understanding Income & Financial Assistance

    We don’t want any dream to get suppressed because of any external financial issue so we at Alitaz Edu360 help guide students & provide them assistance in monetary issues in terms of loans, aids, scholarships. etc.